Name: Andrea
Age Bracket: 20-30
Topic: Bi-Polar
Location: Sydney

Andrea’s Story

My journey with mental illness began when I was 24 and living in Sydney as a hair and makeup artist. Before that, everything was great – I had a beautiful place to live, many friends and a terrific job.

Suddenly, I started feeling paranoid and began having audio hallucinations. When I revealed my delusions to my mom she came straight to Sydney to bring me home.

As we drove to Melbourne, I tried to jump out of the car. Thankfully my brother was there to restrain me until my mom could get help. I was hospitalised with bi-polar disorder and refused medication.  My road to recovery wasn’t easy. I lost my job, my home and many friends. I slept nearly all day for almost two years.

Through family support and an amazing doctor, I began to recover. I discovered that talking about my problems help keep you in control and healthy. I also started volunteering in mental health.

Today, my bipolar disorder is in remission, I serve as a consumer advocate liaison for a Mental Health organisation, I am married and just had a baby. I want people to know that recovery is possible and that they are not alone. There are resources out there and help is just a phone call or email away.


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