About Healthy Minds Geelong

Our Vision

To be the number one mental health resource in the Geelong region and lead Australia in a proactive approach to mental health.

Our Mission

To provide the Geelong region with relevant and effective resources that promote the importance of mental health; helping to create a more informed, connected, and enlightened community.

Who we are?

Healthy Minds Geelong was formed in 2015 by a passionate team of six individuals who all want to normalise mental health across the Geelong region.

The board is now made up of six Geelong locals – see our board page for more details.

Why do we exist?

We want to promote a positive culture of mental health across the Geelong community.

As passionate mental health advocates, Healthy Minds Geelong aims to promote mental health as an important and essential part of everyday living across the Geelong Region.

How can we help?

Healthy Minds Geelong is an information sharing site providing up to date information on local mental health support services, all the latest news on effective mental health and mindfulness strategies, national and international articles and access to local events focused on normalising mental health.

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