Workplace Support

A healthy workplace is a happy and productive workplace.

This may seem strange to you but at any given time, 1 in 5 employees across Australia are likely to be experiencing a mental health condition. So what does this mean?

This means that we all need to understand the importance of mental wellbeing in our workplace and how we can manage our own mental wellbeing at work. This isn’t all about you by the way and we all have a role to look out for others in our workplace as well. Importantly – you can’t expect to look out for others if you are not looking out for yourself!

We are all busy at work and sometimes it is hard to keep up with everything. We are busy at work and we also have a lot going on outside of the workplace, all of which can influence our mental wellbeing. This is where mindfulness comes in – after all, mental health in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility. However small you decide to start, take the first step towards a more mentally healthy workplace today.

You may not know this but untreated mental health conditions results in over 6 million work days lost each year. Source: heads up. The good thing is that we can all do something about it by taking care of yourself and looking out for others in your workplace.

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