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A healthy workplace is a happy and productive workplace.

This may seem strange to you but at any given time, 1 in 5 employees across Australia are likely to be experiencing a mental health condition. So what does this mean?

This means that we all need to understand the importance of mental wellbeing in our workplace and how we can manage our own mental wellbeing at work. This isn’t all about you by the way and we all have a role to look out for others in our workplace as well. Importantly – you can’t expect to look out for others if you are not looking out for yourself!

We are all busy at work and sometimes it is hard to keep up with everything. We are busy at work and we also have a lot going on outside of the workplace, all of which can influence our mental wellbeing. This is where mindfulness comes in – after all, mental health in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility. However small you decide to start, take the first step towards a more mentally healthy workplace today.

You may not know this but untreated mental health conditions results in over 6 million work days lost each year. Source: heads up. The good thing is that we can all do something about it by taking care of yourself and looking out for others in your workplace.

WorkWell – WorkSafe Victoria


Target Market

Available for all Workplaces

Supporting owners, leaders, managers, HR, OHS and HSR to build mentally healthy workplaces.

Home – WorkWell | WorkSafe Victoria

Key areas of Support

WorkSafe’s WorkWell Program supports workplace leaders to prevent mental injury and promote safe and mentally healthy workplaces by providing access to tools and resources, funding and networking opportunities.

  • WorkWell Toolkit
  • WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund


Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Programs


Target Market

Available for all Workplaces

Black Dog Institute offers a range of consultancy, programs and resources tailored to the needs of every level of an organisation (from senior managers, managers and supervisors to all team members).

Workplace wellbeing information and resources – Black Dog Institute

Key areas of Support

The Black Dog Institute provides workplace mental health training and support programs specially designed for your business or organisation.

For more information on workplace mental health, including a free Mental Health Toolkit, visit:

Or, email

Well Together


Target Market

Available for all Workplaces

Available to anyone interested in building a more supportive and inclusive community for your workplace or community group.

Well Together | Wellways

Key areas of Support

Wellways offer workshops and a self-audit tool for organisations.

Mental Health Education for Community Groups

The Well Together workshops assist organisations and community groups to explore how they can build a more welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone.

Self-audit tool

This self-audit tool is for organisations to help guide their internal change-making towards being more inclusive after hosting a Well Together workshop.

Wellbeing at Work


Target Market

Available for all Workplaces

The Geelong Chamber has programs available for business owners as well as services aimed at all workers.

Wellbeing (

Key areas of Support

The Geelong Chamber has a dedicated wellbeing practitioner available for consultations. They also offer the following programs/resources:

  • The Partners in Wellbeing Program
  • Wellbeing at work sessions
  • Brain break videos (meditation sessions)
  • Wellbeing at work sessions

The Workplace Achievement Program


Target Market

Available for all Workplaces

Support from Barwon Health and access to the Healthy Achievement Program is available to all workplaces in the Barwon Region.

Barwon Health – Healthy Communities – Healthy Workplaces

Key areas of Support

The Workplace Achievement Program gives you practical steps and easy-to-use tools and templates to promote and improve health and wellbeing in your workplace.

In addition to the program, Barwon Health can provide workplaces with one to one support to help you with:

  • Writing a health and wellbeing policy
  • Setting up a wellbeing committee or champions
  • Creating a health and wellbeing action plan
  • Setting up program evaluation
  • Providing opportunities to network and learn from other organisations
  • Connecting you with health and wellbeing experts

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