Why a Healthy Mind?

“Change happens when you fall in love with a different version of the future”

The positive impacts of being mentally healthy are immeasurable; improved wellbeing, satisfaction, purpose and connection. Great things come from being in a good head space. Your brain is a muscle and it can be trained.

Conversely, if we are not looking after our mental health, life can get tough. The snowball effect can create negative impacts not only in our own lives but other’s lives as well.

So when talking about mental health, why do we automatically start talking about mental illness? Why do we only try to improve our mental health when something is wrong? Or when labelled with anxiety, depression or stress? Do we need these labels to take action? What if it was OK for everyone to try and improve their mental health?

If people treat their mental health as they do their physical health, the world and our community could be a very different place. When improving our physical health, people go to the gym, exercise or run – it’s not because they’re injured but because they want to stronger, fitter, better.

Everyone has the ability to grow and improve. The question, why a healthy mind? The answer, why not?

What is good mental health?

Good mental health is about being able to work or study to your full potential, cope with day-to-day life stresses, be involved in your community, and live your life in a free and satisfying way.

A person who has good mental health has good emotional and social wellbeing and the capacity to cope with change and challenges.

Source: www.headspace.org.au

Key benefits to good mental health

  • A sense of contentment
  • A zest for living and the ability to laugh and have fun
  • The ability to deal with stress and bounce back from adversity
  • A sense of meaning and purpose, in both your activities and your relationships
  • The flexibility to learn new things and adapt to change
  • A balance between work and play, rest and activity
  • The ability to build and maintain fulfilling relationships
  • Self-confidence and high self-esteem

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